GMB Plaistow Branch secures anti-bullying helpline for Newham Council employees

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After months of campaigning by the GMB’s Plaistow branch, Newham Council has agreed to introduce “Tell Jane”, an anonymous phone line for council staff to report toxic workplace behaviour such as bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Danny Adilypour, GMB London Region Organiser said: 

“We are delighted that GMB Plaistow has secured this win for our members, which will give all council employees a lifeline when they feel there is nowhere else to report workplace issues in confidence.

“This is a significant step towards promoting a safe and healthy work environment, with Newham Council launching the “Tell Jane” phone line on Monday 4 December 2023.

“This comes after an 18-month-long anti-bullying campaign led by GMB members and branch representatives, with the support of GMB councillors in Newham.

“The introduction of this confidential reporting system at Newham Council will help to create a workplace culture where employees feel empowered to speak up against bullying, ultimately contributing to a safer and more inclusive workplace, and the GMB urges all workplaces to develop and adopt similar anti-bullying measures.”

For more information contact: Danny Adilypour on 020 8457 4104