Politics has always flowed through GMB because we know that politics is everyday life. From how much you’re paid to what rights you have when you get to work, to the cost of childcare it all comes back to a political decision someone, somewhere has made.

GMB’s Political department exists to help our members understand how politics influences our lives and in turn to influence politics to deliver positive change for us, our families and our communities.

The Conservative Government has wasted no time in their attacks on not only us in the Trade Union movement but also on the most vulnerable people in our society.

They have introduced a Trade Union bill which is a fundamental attack on the whole of the Trade Union movement but also through the proposals contained in the bill that deals with our ability to keep and spend a Political Fund it attacks Her Majesty’s official opposition the Labour Party.

GMB will continue to support the Labour Party as the party that best represents our policies, we will continue to provide political education for new shop stewards and run political awareness courses in the Region. We also work with the Trade Union Labour Organisation TULO to provide training and support for Trade Union members who aspire to become elected representatives in whatever capacity and in whatever political institution.

We will work with all our elected representatives to support and promote GMB policies.

We want more of you, our GMB members, to get active in your branches and communities and any help and support you need to do this just get in touch with us.

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