GMB and Labour

For GMB to be an effective union we must build and foster relationships at all levels. One of our longest has been with the Labour Party. We work in collaboration with only those politicians who passionately share our values of fairness and equality in the workplace and those committed to listening to workers in GMB organised industries.

For GMB to improve the working conditions for the members we represent, it is crucial that we build local, regional and national campaigns; campaigns that can improve the lives of members in not just one, but many workplaces. Our members are our power, their concerns are our campaigns, and all successful campaigns need someone with a seat at the table amplifying our voice.

Our shared history:

GMB is a founding member of the Labour Party, alongside several of our sister unions. We are the third largest affiliate. We use our position with Labour to open a dialogue regarding policies across the three main sectors we represent – commercial services, manufacturing and the public sector – in order to improve the working lives of hundreds of thousands of members.

Our shared and proud history stretches back to 28th February 1900, when GMB was a founder member of the Labour Party.

Our political reach:

To ensure we can be an effective mouthpiece for members when key decisions are made, GMB London aims to be an active voice at each rung of politics: from local wards, constituencies, councils, and assemblies, to each region and Parliament.

Thousands of GMB members are also members of the Labour Party, and thousands of these members represent GMB in their local Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) and council chambers. In Parliament, several Labour MPs are backed and supported by GMB due to a strong record of listening to our members' concerns and fighting their corner. There are also GMB Members in the Greater London Assembly.

Lastly, GMB is represented by elected lay members and relevant full time officers at all the democratic policy conferences that take place throughout the year.

Our support:

GMB London's support is not unequivocal for any politician. We only help and campaign for those who are active in their support for GMB values and causes. We only support campaigning, proactive, politicians who are willing to engage with our members and do not take the support of the union for granted.

Join the Labour Party:

If you are a Trade Union member select the option reduced rate and enter your Union details to pay the lower subscription currently £2.34 per month. You can sign up to the Labour Party here

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