GMB Donations to Ukraine

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GMB Donations to Ukraine

The Region has been receiving many enquiries from members, branches, and staff about how they can help the people of Ukraine during this terrible time.

The TUC has been in contact with the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and they have set up an emergency fundraising appeal.

The link is - Donate Now to Support People in Ukraine - International Trade Union Confederation (   or

The ITUC’s Ukrainian member organisations FPU and KVPU are providing support to people who desperately need assistance. Trade unions in neighbouring countries including Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova are supporting the increasing number of refugees.

People need food and water provisions, medical supplies, and hygiene items. All funds donated will be passed on to the two member organisations to support their humanitarian work in Ukraine and member organisations in neighbouring countries to support refugees.

This information has been put onto the Regional and National GMB websites

Also at their meeting last week the CEC made the following statement

GMB 'unequivocally' condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine  | GMB

GMB 'unequivocally' condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine, 1st  March 2022

GMB Union’s ruling executive has today unequivocally condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In a statement, the union’s Central Executive Council (CEC) said ‘there is no justification for such an appalling, illegal act'

GMB Union’s Central Executive Council Statement on Ukraine:

GMB unequivocally condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. There is no justification for such an appalling, illegal act, which has brought destruction and terror to the citizens of this independent sovereign nation.

The people of Ukraine should be able to go about their lives peacefully and the terrible violence and death being inflicted on them must stop. Our union calls for an immediate cessation of hostilities and withdrawal of invading Russian forces and urges all parties to engage in diplomatic efforts to reach a non-violent solution to this conflict, with a return to the Minsk agreements providing a framework.

We send a powerful message of support to our trade union sisters and brothers across Ukraine. Please know that as you experience this incredibly difficult moment in your lives, you are in our thoughts, hearts, and prayers. We stand in solidarity with you.

Workers throughout the world share enduring common bonds and there is more that unites us than divides. GMB is proud to stand with trade union comrades across Europe, Ukraine, and Russia who deserve better than this awful conflict and we join them in calling for peace.

GMB Members seeking legal advice on immigration/asylum should contact UnionLine in the first instance on 0300 333 0303 or email: