Whirlpool refurbishment outlet in Peterborough set for industrial action at factory used by white goods bargain hunters

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80% of members of GMB and Unite unions at the Whirlpool factory have voted in favour of industrial action in response to the management’s insulting pay offer. These skilled and semi-skilled workers are finding it difficult to pay their bills and put food on the table, their low wages will not cover the hike in all living costs attributed to inflation.

Whirlpool Refurbishment Outlet in Peterborough employs around 100 people, 99% of whom are a member of GMB or Unite. The factory refurbishes white goods that are damaged, faulty or recalled. Once repaired the goods are sold at discounted prices to the public and trade from the same site.

Derrick Watson, GMB Union Representative

“For over 15 years GMB members here have been offered below cost of living wage increases and have had to fight to remain above national living wage.

“We are an experienced team with most of us having between 20 and 40 years loyal experience. None of the members wanted to take this action but what we have been offered is not acceptable and all we're asking for is a fair wage and to be able to support our families.”

Paul Meddes, GMB London Region Organiser said:

“GMB and Unite have been negotiating with the management of this factory for months. The offer on the table would have meant just 1p above the National Living Wage of £10.42, it's unacceptable for our members and unacceptable for their unions.

“Management at the factory wanted to impose a skills-based wage rise but GMB believe these members are all skilled workers and deserve a fair pay rise across the board. Our members should be recognised for their skills and commitment before they are forced to look for alternative better-paying work.

“Some of our members are really struggling with balancing their finances. It’s a joke, they deserve a decent pay rise for all of their years and years of loyal service to the company. Some have also said that they are considering leaving Whirlpool as they are able to earn higher salaries in the local supermarkets.”

For more information please contact Paul Meddes 077 3845 7622.