Whirlpool makes last-minute revised pay offer, avoiding strike action

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Whirlpool has made a late revision to its pay offer to workers at their Peterborough factory, avoiding an imminent strike.

GMB members voted for industrial action after rejecting the company’s initial pay proposal of just 1p an hour over the national minimum wage. The new offer was put to members on Friday 5th May, the subsequent pay ballot in which 100% of GMB members voted was an overwhelming 100% acceptance of the offer. The new pay rate ensures workers receive a more reasonable wage for their skills and experience.

This revised offer from Whirlpool means an increase of 10.4% for the lower-paid workers and 15.8% for workers earning the highest pay rate. The new rates will be backdated from January and will apply to overtime worked during the period. Backpay payment can be expected in May’s payroll.

Paul Meddes, GMB London Region Organiser said:

“After months of negotiations, I am pleased that GMB members have stood their ground and stood united with their demand for better pay, especially because the parent company is in a financial position to afford our members the pay they deserve.

“This outcome comes as a positive result of union action and demonstrates the power of collective bargaining.”

GMB London - Whirlpool refurbishment outlet in Peterborough set for industrial action at factory used by white goods bargain hunters

For more information or interview please contact Paul Meddes, GMB London Region Organiser 077 3845 7622