Union Attack Poor Pay Offer from Peterborough Limited

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Union Attack Poor Pay Offer from Peterborough Limited 

Peterborough City Council, through its operating company Peterborough Limited is entering the festive period with many employees considering whether to strike in the new year, according to one of Britain’s biggest unions. 

The company responsible for waste collections and street cleansing has failed to reach agreement on a cost of living pay award due in April 2023.  

The company’s offer, which for many of the lowest paid staff falls below that awarded to their colleagues directly employed by the Council, was rejected by GMB and Unite members.  

Gordon White, GMB Peterborough Organiser said

“It is really disappointing that as we enter one of the busiest times of the year for Peterborough Limited staff, they are left wondering if the company is going to put an offer on the table that will allow them to enjoy as good a Christmas as last year. 

“The rate of inflation means that the offers so far are a real terms pay cut and not as good the one offered to directly employed council colleagues. It therefore a bit rich, for the Chief Exec of the Council to proudly refer to them as part of the ‘Peterborough Family’ of frontline workers.”   

Warren Kenny, Regional Secretary of GMB added:

“Our members are the ones who will have to work over Christmas, clearing the streets from the mess of the season’s festivities; emptying the bins loaded with extra rubbish, and making sure there are events at libraries, museums and sports centres. We call on the council to find the money and ensure that all these vital services are fully funded to ensure that everyone gets a decent pay rise”. 

Union Attack Poor Pay Offer from Peterborough Limited