Underpaid traffic wardens in Kensington & Chelsea set for two more weeks of strike action

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The traffic wardens are paid less than those in other London boroughs - even when working for the same company

Last week traffic wardens employed by NSL Ltd in Kensington & Chelsea took six continuous days of strike action. They have now announced a further two weeks of strike action. 

The dispute is related to low pay for staff in the borough, who earn less than traffic wardens working for the same company in other London boroughs. 

The public often believe that traffic wardens get paid for how many tickets they hand out, but this is a myth. All the money goes to the council, and the staff, who face abuse on a daily basis and bring in a huge amount of money for the council, currently only earn £11.95 per hour. 

On average, traffic wardens bring in approximately £50,000 per day into the council’s coffers from parking tickets. 

Last week's strike cost the council up to £300,000, but with another fourteen days of strike action organised in June and July, the council could face a £1 million shortfall in parking revenue. 

John Weir, GMB London Regional Organiser for Kensington & Chelsea, said:

“Our members showed true courage and strength last week – there can now be no doubt that they are ready to strike as long as it takes until they get the fair pay they deserve. 

"We urge the company and council to use this next week to get back around the table and make a serious offer. 

"If they had put the money they lost during the first strike towards fair pay for their workers - we might not be in this situation. 

"It isn't just the right thing to do to pay these workers fairly - it would be financially prudent for the company and the council.”

For more information please contact John Weir, GMB London Regional Organiser 078 1354 2046