Stansted’s anti-trade union cab operator takes another step to deny drivers their rights

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Street Cars is imposing more actions on drivers to try to strengthen its dominance and reduce its responsibilities and legal obligations.

Street Cars, Stansted Airport's official passenger car service has dealt another blow to drivers, when on Friday 27th October each was presented with an ‘agreement’ that effectively denies them a process for a grievance or to challenge dismissal.  

In yet another tactic to rid the operator of any claim by drivers seeking employment status, the management at Street Cars is trying to force drivers to commit to the agreement or otherwise find themselves dismissed by way of being locked out of the application software that provides drivers with work.  

Steve Garelick, GMB London Region Organiser said: 

“I have received several calls from our members at Steet Cars, each very concerned about signing the agreement and angry that once again, Street Cars is imposing more actions on drivers to try to strengthen its dominance and reduce its responsibilities and legal obligations. 

“The agreement includes terms about legal liability and costs, and accident costs which are unacceptable and unenforceable. 

“This company is absolutely out of control, its only concern is generating profit at any cost and this is why GMB has written to Manchester Airport Group, the owners of Stansted and has taken the unprecedented step of writing to Uttlesford District Council Vehicle Licensing and all local councillors to highlight this shocking behaviour. GMB will seek revocation of the company’s operating licence based on grounds of being unfit and improper to operate a business.” 

Contact: Steve Garelick, GMB London Region Organiser 079 6776 3980

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