Reasonable Adjustments Passport: Landmark help for disabled staff in Redbridge

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A Redbridge council worker and GMB activist has helped path the way for disabled workers employed by the London Borough of Redbridge to benefit from the council’s adoption of the Reasonable Adjustments Passport

GMB, the union for public service workers produced a joint resource in 2019 to help address the issue that many employers fail to carry out their legal duty to make – and keep in place – the reasonable adjustments their disabled staff need to do their jobs.  

Madeline Daley, employed by Redbridge and GMB Branch Secretary said:

“It is great and welcome news that the London Borough of Redbridge has endorsed the use of the Reasonable Adjustments Passport.

 “The adoption of the passport will take effect from 1st June 2022 and will ensure that disabled workers employed by the borough benefit from an agreed record of a worker’s required adjustments.”

 Stephen Jones, GMB activist and GMB Redbridge Branch Equality Officer said:

“On behalf of the GMB Ability Self Organised Group that created and compiled the passport originally, we congratulate Madeline Daley for pursuing this matter with Redbridge Council.  It is a great day for GMB Redbridge, the Ability Self Organising Group and all disabled workers in the Borough.”


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