Mercedes Customer Service Breakdown

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Undiagnosed fault with car causes private hire driver two years of frustration and anxiety, loss of earnings, and no final resolution from prestigious dealership

GMB member and private hire driver alerts fellow drivers to the long-suffering saga concerning a fault with the car he purchased. A model offered under the Mercedes Chauffeur Package, said to offer the driver and passenger comfort and style, and state-of-the-art safety.

Taking the car back and forth to his dealership expecting the fault with the car to be resolved, and on each occasion told that the car has a ‘stored fault’ that can only be investigated when it's ‘live’, our member reached out to his branch, GMB Taxi and Professional Drivers for support.

GMB London’s Taxi and Professional Drivers branch was alarmed to hear of their member’s experience with a prestigious manufacturer and car dealership. Wanting to secure a better outcome the Branch President Simon Rush wrote to the CEO of Mercedes UK outlining concerns surrounding the undiagnosed fault and subsequent frustration, anxiety and concerns experienced by the owner.

Andrew Sozos, GMB London Region member said:

“I purchased the car, my third since 2013 under the Mercedes Chauffeur package and I am bitterly disappointed that Mercedes’ promise to its Chauffeur Drivers is clearly not evident in my case.

“I took delivery of the car in 2018, the car was supposed to offer me and my passengers peace of mind but since 2021 when the fault first became apparent, having the car has only meant that I have incurred loss of earnings and damage to the goodwill of my private hire operator and my clients. Not to mention the frustration and anxiety this has caused me.

“I ave tried to impress upon Mercedes the potential danger there is to my passengers, to me and to other road users when I am driving the car and it decides to shift into ‘limp mode’, with limited speed and acceleration, especially dangerous on dual carriageways and motorways. I simply cannot rely on the car, it must be daunting for passengers experiencing the problem too. There must be a reason why the car drives like this, whatever the fault I don’t care, I just want it permanently resolved.”

Simon Rush, Branch President, GMB London’s Taxi and Professional Drivers said:

“Andrew’s Mercedes has been in and out of Beaconsfield Mercedes since 2021, so I emailed the CEO of Mercedes Benz UK on the 24th of February 2023 and promises were made by his office that senior technicians would look into the current fault and rectify it.  

“The car was taken to Mercedes Beaconsfield on 13th March for investigation but following collection and being driven the fault occurred as did the other reported more minor issue of the instrument cluster displaying kilometers instead of miles.

“Our member believes that he isn’t alone in his experience with his Mercedes because he has seen online that other owners have complained about the same fault and concerns, and Mercedes not resolving the fault.”

GMB calls on Mercedes Benz UK, to recall all models affected by this fault with a commitment to resolve the issue permanently without costs to the customer.

Contact: Steve Garelick, GMB London Region Organiser 079 6776 3980 or