Low-level letter boxes - a primary cause of sickness in the delivery sector, GMB's Annual Congress in Bournemouth hears

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Congress calls for changes to building regulations on low-level letter boxes to improve health and safety for workers in the courier and delivery services

Letter Boxes (Prohibition) Bill January 2019, on minimum letterbox height was presented to the House of Commons.  This received the support of all parties but hasn’t gone any further. 

The Building Regulations Advisory Committee, which advises the Secretary of State on Building Regulations, has formally endorsed the call for change and sought to include this in the formal review of UK Building Regulations. 

GMB calls for the Government to ensure that letterbox height is incorporated in building regulations for all new buildings. 

Tracy Beeson, G50 Evri Branch, GMB London Region told Congress:

“Low-level letterboxes cause problems for our courier and delivery service members when carrying out their work. The height and position of the letterbox is of huge importance for these workers as back injury is the primary cause of sickness in the courier industry. 

“Openings positioned at the bottom of the doors can cause serious health & safety problems, due to back strain caused by repeatedly bending down to deliver parcels.

“Changing building regulations to this effect would bring us in line with Europe where a letterbox must be between 0.7m and 1.7m high.”