GMB London welcomes government investment of further £100m and ownership commitments as milestone for new Sizewell C

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Sizewell C will provide reliable base load zero-carbon electricity for many decades to come and support tens of thousands of well-paid jobs in Suffolk site and supply chain says GMB London. 

GMB London, the union for energy workers and engineering construction workers in London and the East of England, welcomed the new commitments from the UK Government in relation to Sizewell C.

Michael Ainsley, GMB London Organiser said:

“This new £100m is seed money. This, alongside the future ownership commitments if required, is to get other investors like pension funds involved in investment in Sizewell C. This is in addition to the £1.7 billion pledged last year for the new power station. 

“This is a further important milestone for getting the new Sizewell C nuclear power station built. It will provide reliable baseload zero-carbon electricity for many decades to come and support tens of thousands of well-paid jobs on the Suffolk site and in the nuclear power supply chain.  

“That reliable nuclear generated zero-carbon base load electricity is essential to keep the lights on was demonstrated again this week. On Monday 24 January in the UK the installed 24GW of wind turbines electricity was supplying just 2% of its name plate capacity to the national grid. 

“On this day in the depths of winter low wind was a feature right across Europe from the Iberian Peninsula to Russia - so interconnectors, favoured by the green lobby, could not bridge the gap in a renewable intensive future without nuclear. In addition, there is currently no economically viable storage capacity for renewable energy.

“Apart from nuclear, there is no alternative zero-carbon base load electricity. This is an inescapable fact.”


Contact: Mick Ainsley, GMB London Region Organiser 079 7026 2360

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