GMB gains another major win for Private Hire Drivers who will now be offered ‘employed’ status

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A GMB member working as a Private Hire Driver for the prestigious We know London, part of the We Know Group, contacted the GMB Taxi & Private Hire Drivers Branch with concerns about pay and employment status.

GMB’s communications led to the company instructing legal representation, with an outcome that is very much a win for GMB members driving for We Know London.

GMB, the union for Private Hire Drivers welcomes this decision from the Heathrow-based company, We Know London, which operates a multi-faceted online booking service for tourists.

Following GMB’s legal success with Uber and subsequent actions of other gig economy companies, GMB can now add We Know London to the list of businesses that have, in most cases, previously taken advantage of the bogus self-employed model of working.

Simon Rush, President of GMB Taxi & Private Hire Drivers Branch said:

“I am delighted with this outcome that started with a series of emails to the company to question the differentials with drivers’ pay and status. As a result, the company employed their solicitors and has now agreed the favourable solution to offer all self-employed drivers a contract of employment, with a rate of pay above the National Minimum Wage.  Owner-drivers who prefer the flexibility of working under the driver-owner model may continue if this is their preference. The existing ‘Paid driver’ model will be discontinued.

“We Know London has also confirmed freedom of association and the right to join a Union. GMB is now on a path to seek formal recognition with the company.”

Steve Garelick GMB London Region Organiser said:

“Following GMB Union’s success in landmark legal cases including Uber, very few operators are implementing the correct employment status and continue to exploit workers who are ‘bugus’ self-employed.  Therefore, we recognise this was a bold step by the employer and hope that our membership continues to benefit from the value, protection and assistance GMB offers when things at work need to be challenged and resolved.”


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