Bullies of the bin world sack long-serving union rep for highlighting culture of bullying

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Following reports to GMB London about issues of bullying in the workplace, Bosses at Veolia Westminster decided on 30th May 2024 to sack the long-serving GMB union rep who brought the extensive bad behaviour to GMB’s attention.

GMB, the union for refuse workers, is appalled at Veolia the refuse contractor for City of Westminster, for sacking a union rep who exercised their right to take part in trade union activities, highlighting and challenging the culture of workplace bullying rife at Veolia in Westminster.

City of Westminster Council is now investigating Veolia management's anti-union tactics.

Kay Huntbach, GMB London Regional Organiser said:

“This is the most recent event in hostilities at Veolia towards GMB, where our officials have been threatened, barred from sites and, along with reps, have been subjected to consistent anti-union and anti-worker tactics.

“Bosses at Veolia have used underhanded, manipulative and pressurising tactics to dig up the information sent to GMB’s full-time official and have used this as the basis to terminate our rep’s contract.

“GMB will always support the right of our reps' to participate in trade union activities and will not tolerate employers who think they can determine what trade union members discuss with their officials or whether it is ‘appropriate’, and we definitely will not let them bully our reps and members.

“If Veolia is concerned about its reputation with the residents it serves and doesn’t wish for the company to be known as the bullies of the bin world, it’s about time they put a stop to bullying our members.”