GMB Redbridge Branch win new sickness policy for school support staff

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London Region’s Redbridge branch had one such issue and through negotiation with Redbridge’s Education and Inclusion department, a new sickness policy was rolled out recently for the borough’s school support staff.

Council staff benefited from the new sickness policy from June of this year but the branch felt that it was only fair that the same policy also covered school support staff.

Madeline Dailey, Branch Secretary of GMB London’s Redbridge branch said:

“There were many cups of tea consumed during the negotiations to ensure that the borough’s school support staff don’t have less favourable terms than the staff employed by the council.

“It’s tough to have to make a decision when you are faced with feeling unwell but worry about your absence from work. We know our members are dedicated, trusted and loyal to their jobs and the new policy will go a long way to making those difficult decisions easier.”

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