TeamGMB out on the campaign trail for the local elections May 2022

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A typical day with GMB London Region volunteers out on the campaign trail campaigning for Labour in the Local Elections May 2022.

Barnet London Borough Council is one of Labour's top targets in this round of local London elections. The campaign was launched by Keir Starmer and Sadiq Khan, and GMB volunteers have gone out in this campaign to encourage local voters to the polls in an area the Conservatives have taken for granted.  


Harrow London Borough Council is one of the most marginal in London, with the choice there one of either a Labour council, who will invest in people, or a Conservative administration who will put profits ahead of people. That is why GMB members have been volunteering and supporting local Labour council candidates who are working hard.


Milton Keynes Council will see a third of council seats up in this election. With the Conservatives the main opposition, local GMB volunteers have been out campaigning for Labour councillors who back investment in public services and protecting the local community from the worst excesses of the government.


Newham London Borough Council has been investing in the community and putting public services first. GMB volunteers have been out on the stump supporting good local councillors who are diligently fighting for a better future.


A few of the photos of the 23 April 2022 Campaign day  #TeamGMB