GMB London Region Attending Labour East Conference

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Labour East will be holding its first conference since February 2020 in Stevenage over the weekend of Friday 5th to 7th November.

Labour East will be holding its first conference since February 2020 in Stevenage over the weekend on 5th – 7th November.


The conference brings together delegates and visitors representing local Labour Parties, affiliated Trade Unions and Socialist Societies from across the six counties of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire to debate policy, elect the Regional Executive and listen to the work our elected representatives (MPs, Councillors and Mayors) are doing to promote Labour values and represent their communities across the region.


GMB London Region will be sending a delegation of members from across the region and have nominated two people to sit on the Regional Executive for the next two years, Vaughan West, the Regional Political Officer and Elizabeth Hughes a member and Councillor from Ipswich. We will also be proposing a motion on Energy and the Environment, which recognises that we face a climate crisis, but which also recognises that any just transition for our members working in the energy sector need involve them and that a real just transition is more than fine words and empty promises.


Opportunities will exist over the weekend to debate with shadow cabinet members, local council leader, local MPs, and other senior politicians on developing policies for young people, health and tech industries and most importantly how Labour is going to win the next election.


It will also be celebrating the work of many unsung Labour and Trade Union heroes from across the region and hear how Labour is working to increase the number of elected representatives from amongst our many BAME commentary and women.


After 18 months of COVID restrictions the opportunity to meet in person again is something not to be missed.


For more information about the work of Labour East go to Labour East